Story Class

Story Class

sad-kidThrough its unique relationships, reputation and special expertise CBR Youth Connect has gained access to alternative schools, diversion programs, treatment centers and troubled homes to offer services and curriculum about values, ethics and character. Youth are provided exposure to ethical principles and mentors; guided reflection and exercises to establish a personal ethical code; and encouragement to act on the ethical principles.

CBR YouthConnect networked with state-funded alternative schools, treatment centers and county-funded child welfare departments responsible for the education and care of these youth. This meant going to these sites on a regular scheduled basis and fitting the ethics project into daily schedules and formats required for educational credits. As the project evolved, a storytelling approach took shape using small group methods customized to each setting. Refer to the Ethics Project Report for an executive summary.

A Story of Impact

For 5 months, Jake, age 15, was living in homelessness, sleeping where ever he could find a bed. Sometimes with a friend, sometimes at a shelter, sometimes on the street. “My parents yelled and fought all the time. I just wanted to get out of the house and on my own” he told our staff member. He also stopped going to school and felt hopeless.

That’s when child welfare got involved and asked for our help. The parents accepted our counseling. They decided to save their marriage and started to focus on helping Jake. Together we helped Jake get re-settled in school. We found a tutor to help him get to grade level. He thrived in our STORY program. Today, the family is together and Jake is no longer at risk of dropping out!

Today, STORY Program has evolved into a highly motivating, small group approach to social emotional learning that inspires youth to be all they can be.  It offers a safe and uplifting opportunity for youth to reflect on their personal story and the stories of those around them.  Youth learn to discover and express their story through creative projects using iPad technologies with visioning boards, journaling, music, art, story boarding and movie making.  They are also exposed to key life principles such as the Code of the West and helped to create their own personal code. STORY Program courses end with a graduation/celebration session where youth receive certificates of completion, a copy of their iPad work products and a gift certificate.
Supported by the DANIELS FUND, the STORYProgram has now served over 250 risk-laden youth at alternative schools, treatment centers, in homelessness, foster care and juvenile diversion settings.   An Executive Summary of the project report is available.


Comments from Youth about the STORY Program

“It’s about being a better person inside you.”

“It makes you think deeper about the choices you make and the code you live by.”

“It was a wake-up call. What purpose do I have, and how can I make a difference?”

“If I’m having a tough day, I just look at my principles and remind myself how to live my life.”

“It really has changed my life.  I was at a point where I wanted to give up.  Seriously.  It brought

  me back to school.”

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