School & Education Programs

School & Education Programs

8536919532_14bd207bd7_bSpecialized Mentoring

Specialized Mentoring is a highly skilled, trauma-informed process for inspiring and helping youth to build resilience and positive character.  Specialized Mentoring offers youth repetitive coaching and feedback; normalized socialization; purposeful community experiences; and opportunities to explore their interests, their talents, values and beliefs.

Specialized Mentoring was developed following a multi-year demonstration project of the STORY Program funded by the DANIELS FUND involving 250 risk-laden youth from alternative schools, day treatment centers, dysfunctional families, juvenile diversion and homelessness.

Specialized Mentoring helps youth…

·         Learn and practice reciprocal relationships and regulation of emotional states

·         Build essential adolescent life skills

·         Develop a sense of accomplishment and mastery

·         Gain new hope and positive energy for the future

Applying social-emotional learning principles, the “Specialized Mentor” offers a neutral and supportive role; takes the youth’s lead; helps the youth explore their personal interests and aspirations; models and shares insights; connects youth to community resources; and inspires hope.

Through conversations, purposeful community experiences and creative projects (including i-Pads with APPS and other technologies), youth are encouraged to creatively express their own personal STORY and think through the values and beliefs they want to live by.  They are helped to discover their own power to live their best personal story and guide their own lives no matter their personal circumstances.

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Social Emotional Learning Courses

We provide courses at school districts, alternative schools and treatment centers to help students learn skills to build strong and healthy relationships, manage emotions, make responsible decisions and develop concern for others. Courses involve a combination of expressive arts, journaling, story-telling and animals. To date, our work has served nearly 1,000 boys and girls. For more specific information, refer to our Ethics Project Report and the Pawsitive Connection program.

CBR YouthConnect provides counseling, courses and support to youth at risk of dropping out and works to improve their likelihood of graduating from high school. These youth are unlikely to graduate from college and have higher rates of suicide, homelessness, unemployment and teen pregnancy.

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