Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

Therapeutic Supervised Visitation

3392851537_c6d06a015f_bSupervised Visitation and Therapeutic Supervised Visitation services are designed to observe and monitor the interactions between a child and his/her non-residential parent(s) during that parent’s court-designated parenting time. Both services involve a trained CBR YouthConnect staff member who objectively observes parent-child interactions in a department approved controlled or community-based setting. The visitation supervisor ensures that the guidelines set by the Court or referral agency are followed, and submits progress reports and recommendations to the referral source as required

Supervised Visitation services involve little intervention by the visitation supervisor; during these visits the supervisor simply observes and documents the parent-child interactions, only intervening when safety concerns are present.

Therapeutic Supervised Visitations includes both the direct observation/documentation of visits as well as intervention with parents to improve parenting skills, eliminate safety concerns and reduce the time in out-of-home care. The staff member provides immediate support, feedback and interventions for parents when interacting with their children. The trained staff remains present and an active participant throughout the visit offering skills to build on the family’s strengths and correct observed weaknesses. A focus on Parenting Skills Development in which families receive individual instruction with an emphasis on attachment and bonding, alternatives to physical discipline, household management, consistent delivery of rules, effective communication skills, consequences and rewards, knowledge of developmental milestones and nutrition.

Please Note: At this time we are not accepting any private pay clients. All referrals must come through your county DHS or through DYS.

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