Home Based Care

Connections Build Resilience Home-Based Program

841useThe Connections Build Resilience Home-Based (CBR-HB) program of CBR YouthConnect is the re-branded home-based program designed by CBR YouthConnect (CBRYC), to provide strength-based, trauma-informed interventions/support to safely preserve families when children are at imminent risk of Out-of-Home (OOH) placement, support reintegration following OOH, in need of services to maintain a least restrictive setting or reduce re-entry and promote permanency.

This re-branded home-based model fits Colorado’s need for innovative services and to comply with the requirements outlined in the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFSPA). While maintaining the integrity of our prior model: flexibility, creativity, responsiveness, holistic systemic approach.  We are elevating our home-based therapeutic service to incorporate two evidenced based modalities, Trauma Focused-CBT and Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) into our approach to working with youth and families.

CBR-HB strengthens families, monitors safety and addresses causes of family disruption.  CBR-HB improves family protective factors; prevents children/youth from being removed from their homes; reduces length of separation and placement; and facilitates family reunification following placementCBR-HB Clinicians offer structure, support, supervision, and evidenced-based interventions within in the home, at school and in the community for youth and family issues, such as:

  • Families with infants, young children and low protective factors
  • Families with youth who have experienced traumatic experiences (3-18)
  • Teen parenting skills and safe care support
  • Special needs and handicapping conditions
  • Family conflicts, dependency/neglect and child protection concerns
  • Youth adjudication, homelessness and emancipation skills
  • School truancy and drop-out prevention
  • Prevention of out-of-home placement
  • Transition and reunification from congregate care and foster placement
  • Permanency preservation of Kinship and Foster Care placement
  • Adoption preservation

Given the integrated approach, drawing from either or both of the two evidenced-based modalities, CBR-HB is designed to serve all types of families with children/youth of all ages, abilities and disabilities.  CBR-HB is provided in many counties and judicial districts across the state for a variety of youth and family circumstances.  Highly skilled social work practice and clinical interventions are involved.

CBR-HB is collaborative and focuses on supporting the various systems impacting the identified youth and family.

IMG_1282Evidence-Based Modalities:

CBR-HB Clinicians give guidance and support for managing family dynamics; addressing the stressors of traumatic experiences, family conflicts and attachment-based concerns. This elevated home-based model allows for the usage or integration of two evidenced based modalities: Trauma-Focused CBT (TF-CBT) and Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI), to best meet the identified youth’s and family’s presenting concerns.

  • TF-CBT is an evidenced-based psychotherapeutic approach for children and caregivers who are experiencing cognitive and behavioral problems related to a traumatic incidence. TF-CBT focuses on building coping skills and addressing the child’s thoughts, feelings and resulting behaviors related to the traumatic experience to enhance their resiliency to positively move past their trauma.
  • TBRI is designed for caregivers caring for children with traumatic histories to better aid in the understanding of the complex needs of their children and addressing the resulting maladaptive behaviors exhibited by the child(ren). TBRI is an evidenced and attachment-based, trauma-informed, and developmentally respective caregiving model offering effective caregiving techniques to dissolve behaviors, support positive attachment, and help children heal from complex traumas.


  • Currently, CBR-HB is available in ten (9) Colorado counties + DYC statewide
  • CBR-HB is available privately to parents and domestic courts plus collaborating youth agencies that want a home-based element to their array of services

For more information contact:

 Office: (303) 691-6095