Home Based Care

Home Based Care (Preventative Aftercare Model)

841useThe Home-Based Care (Based on Preventative Aftercare or PAC) program of CBR YouthConnect provides statewide in-home, community-based services with the clear mission to keep youth and families together. The services are designed to prevent youth from being removed from their homes and family and also to reduce the length of placement by facilitating transition to home. This is accomplished by our Family Service Providers who offer structure, support, supervision, and interventions within the family, school, and community setting.

The program’s philosophy is to provide services to the client/family in their home, school, and community rather than expect the client/families to keep appointments by coming to an office. The Family Service Providers have regular contact with the youth, their family, and schools. Additionally, Family Service Providers make weekly contact with the referring agency; appear in court whenever necessary; and are available 24 hours in the event of a crisis. Youth and family stipends, along with activity funds, are utilized by the Family Service Provider as a tool for positive reinforcement in motivating clients. The Family Service Provider also networks within the community for services that would complement the case plan.

Each PAC caseload ranges from 7 to 10 youth and is designed for dependent/neglected and /or adjudicated delinquent youth, male and female, from infancy to 21 years old as determined by the contracting agency. The standard PAC program consists of 3-5 hours of weekly contact; a step-down, transitional option is also available towards the end of services or when the youth is transitioning home from placement. Conversations between the PAC Regional Supervisor and County Administration will determine the intensity of services that are needed. Intensity of services can fluctuate throughout the course of services depending on the specific needs of the youth and family.

PAC workers provide the following:

  • Regular and designed contacts with children, youth, families and schools and community supports at varying times and places during a seven-day week
  • Monitor for safety and risks and provide early intervention as needed
  • Structure, support and treatment of family needs
  • Weekly contact with the referring agency and participate in case staffing
  • Court appearances whenever necessary
  • 24 hour availability for crisis management
  • Emancipation assistance
  • Activity and special need funds to children, youth and families for basic needs and as positive reinforcement, motivation

IMG_1282Core Objectives:

  • Achieve family stability and minimize ongoing reliance on county human services
  • Reduce the stressors that precipitated the
    need for home-based services
  • Positively impact siblings and relatives
  • Prevent out-of-home placement
  • Improve school attendance and performance
  • Prevent further court involvement and law enforcement contact
  • Establish a “system of care” with linkage to community resources per the case plan


  • Currently, PAC is available in ten (10) Colorado counties + DYC statewide
  • Over the past five years, more than 1175 boys, girls and family members have received PAC services
  • PAC is available privately to parents and domestic courts plus collaborating youth agencies that want a home-based element to their array of services


  • Feedback with Rating Scales: Information is gathered from caseworkers, parents,
    schools and clients both during services and post discharge. The information is then aggregated and available to referral sources per request.
  • Formal Research: PAC performance is measured via a formal research study conducted by Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. Recent evaluation of outcomes nationally found significant improvement in all child outcomes and family functioning.

For more information contact:

 Office: (303) 691-6095