Family Connections and Resilience

Family Connections and Resilience

Gain New Insights, Skills and Motivation

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Families need an opportunity to talk about, sort through their lives together, decide on some goals and the values and beliefs that will guide them and support them in times of stress.  This family life approach involves spending time together reflecting on individual stories and the family stories, i.e. what they stand for, what they want life to be for their family and what personal code of living is needed to get there.

Family Connections and Resilience offers an enjoyable and engaging way for families to think through situations, interact, develop respect and concern for others and accept personal responsibility for the well-being and future of their family. 

The programoccurs right in the home, around the kitchen table and the living room or during a community-based activity.   Sometimes, we will bring the meal!!  Over a six week period, with guided reflection, the family completes several interesting exercises and projects that inspire parents and their children to grow together as a family.

Family Connections and Resilience is offered flexibly in homes and community settings.  It can also be packaged to fit family schedules such as evenings and weekends.  Training for individuals, families or groups can occur during hourly or periodic sessions or as an all-day retreat.  Family Connections and Resilience can also be integrated with the CBR home-based program – Preventative Aftercare.

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