Pawsitive Connection

Pawsitive Connection

Kid dog program in Colorado

We’ve seen firsthand how kids connect with dogs. This connection has the power to change a kid’s life.

CBR Connect is nationally acclaimed for its 55 year history of involving human/animal interaction in the education and treatment of at-risk children, youth and families. Animal-assisted services offer opportunities for children, youth, and families to gain compassion, respect and a sense of responsibility for animals, themselves, and others.

Pawsitive Connection, Colorado’s most successful kid-dog program, is designed to promote resilience & character development by integrating social emotional learning principles, human/animal interaction and humane education. Human-animal interaction teaches social-emotional skills that promote resilience, which is defined as the human capacity to face, overcome and even be transformed by adversity.

We hold individual and small group sessions various community-based settings via collaboration with multiple youth organizations and animal welfare entities.

For more information contact:  Office:   (303) 691-6095

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