CBR YouthConnect Programs

CBR YouthConnect Programs

Youth programs in Colorado

There is no one-size-fits-all program for Colorado’s at-risk youth. Which is why CBR YouthConnect offers custom programs based in the following areas.

Home and Family Programs

CBR YouthConnect provides in-home and community-based services that inspire and support children, youth and parents to keep families together.

Why? Trends in child abuse, neglect, absentee parenting, child homelessness, family crises, teen suicide and youth rebellion continue to put stress on family stability and youth development.
How? Preventative Aftercare Services / Therapeutic Supervised Visitation / Family / Resilience Training

Values, Ethics and Character Programs

CBR YouthConnect provides new approaches to learning that inspire and equip children, youth and parents to think about and adopt a set of personal principles and then have the courage to live by them.

Why? Today’s children and youth are confronted with the unique challenge of developing values and ethics in the face of negative influences from technology, social media and entertainment. Many are left feeling confused about what is important, what is right and wrong and what they stand for in life.
How? The STORY program / “Standing Up in a Knock Down World” program

School and Education Programs

CBR YouthConnect provides counseling, courses and support to at-risk youth to improve their high school graduation rate.

Why? At-risk youth are more likely to drop out; unlikely to graduate from college; and have higher rates of suicide, homelessness, unemployment and teen pregnancy.
How? Drop-Out Education /Social Emotional Learning Courses

Animal and Nature Programs

CBR YouthConnect provides courses and enriched learning experiences via human interaction with animals and nature to promote health benefits, humane education and valuable life lessons for troubled youth and families.

Why? Today’s youth and families often have high-tech, stay-inside-the-house lifestyles and more problems with obesity and diabetes. However, research shows a connection between general health, brain development, animal interaction and experiences with nature.
How? Animal Assisted Therapy / Pawsitive Connection Dog Program / Thunderbird Ranch Outdoor Education Site