Holiday Appeal

A Message from Our President, Chuck Thompson

During the Holiday Season, I often reflect on what is truly important in my life. Helping others tops the list. I’m sure you feel the same way.

That is why we truly appreciate your considering CBR YouthConnect one of your charities. Your financial support makes such a tremendous difference. It helps sustain and grow our powerful and life changing programs which have now served over 15,000 hurting children and families. And, here are some of the great results!

CBR YouthConnect
Serving Colorado Families
Since 1959

“I feel safe again!”
– Carrie, age 8

Abuse and neglect was a daily occurrence for Carrie. Mom’s boyfriends were mean and dangerous. Home was a scary place. Law enforcement responded to a neighbor’s plea and notified county child welfare. We were called to help protect Carrie, support mom and reduce the turmoil and safety risks in their lives. Over the next six-months, we helped Carrie and mom around the clock. We included animal-assisted therapy to help calm Carrie’s trauma.

Mom gained confidence, said good-bye to the bad influences in her life, took a new job and learned ways to be the mother that Carrie needed. Carrie’s fears gradually subsided. She began to excel in school. NOW, Carrie and her mom are safe, have new friends in the community and enjoy being involved in their church and girl scouts. HOORAY for Carrie and mom!

“My parents don’t yell and fight anymore and I’ve got a home again!” -Jake, age 15

For over 5 months, Jake was living in homelessness, sleeping wherever he could find a bed, with friends, in shelters, on the streets and under bridges. He had stopped going to school and felt hopeless. “My parents yelled and fought all the time. I just wanted to get out of the house and be on my own” he told our staff. We were called to help Jake and reunite the family.

His parents accepted our help and counseling. They decided to save their marriage and focused on helping Jake. NOW, Jake and his family are together again. He is no longer homeless or a drop-out risk. He is re-settled in school and is back to grade level. HOORAY for Jake!

“I didn’t know I could do this!” –Adriana, age 14

After being hospitalized because of suicidal thoughts, young Adriana was distraught. Her parents desperately tried to understand and support her. We were called by child welfare to provide two integrated programs: home-based care and mentoring.

Our Family Service Provider supported the parents. Our Specialized Mentor helped Adriana discover her hidden talents in music and art by using 1-pad technologies with high interest apps. What Adriana produced was inspiring! She wrote and performed songs. She created wonderful art. Her confidence and self-esteem soared. Meanwhile, Adriana’s parents were helped to find medical answers. A rare medical condition was discovered. NOW, Adriana is not only stable medically, she also is excited about her life and her potential. HOORAY for Adriana!


Your financial giving is what keeps us going. You are our encouragement! We need and count on your support, especially during these unpredictable times. We pledge to use your gift wisely and continue providing top quality care and results on your behalf. Happy Holidays from our board, staff, children and families. May your season be blessed and THANKS AGAIN for considering CBR YouthConnect one of your charities.






Charles M. Thompson, LCSW

Please join us in our effort to reach our end of year goal of $50,000 to benefit Colorado youth and their families. Stories like the ones above are made possible by people like you.

Thank you,

CBR YouthConnect