Community Voices

Community Voices


Our Community Voices program offers personalized resource navigation services and advocacy for families with children with special needs. We work with all types of disabilities, from physical to developmental to learning and beyond. We also provide support for families that are in need when it comes to IEP and/or 504 school plans. Also, Community Voices is the Family to Family Health Information Center for the state of Colorado. We provide resources and advocacy all across the state via phone and in-person when possible. This navigation and coordination of resources are accomplished by our Special Needs Resource Navigator, who communicates with English and Spanish-speaking families to ensure they have access to the support they need.


Meet our Special Needs Navigator

Hello! My name is Javi Dolif and I am the Community Voices Special Needs Navigator. I bring with me over 5 years of experience. I have both personal and professional background dealing with Medicaid, Human Services, private insurance, programs available across Colorado as well as local services. On the personal side, I am a native Spanish speaker. I was born and raised in Chile and I have lived in Colorado for the past 21 years. I am the proud mother of 2 very active boys ages 5 and 10 and they surely keep me on my toes at all times. I love to read and be creative but mostly, I love to cook!


News and Upcoming Events

Click Here for a simple Storybook that explains COVID-19 to children.

Click Here  for a list of community resources for COVID-19 that our friends at JFK partners put together


Fast Facts and Quick Guides

Below is a comprehensive list of resources by topic including FMLA, Respite and Early Intervention.

  1. Community Voices One Pager 2019 Eng-Span
  2. Fast Fact – CV Resources 2019
  3. Recursos utilizados con frecuencia 2019
  4. Fast Fact- getting ready for a medical appt. 2019
  5. Recursos para preparse para las citas medicas 2019
  6. Fast Fact – Transition 2019
  7. Recursos – Transición 2019
  8. Fast Fact – Medicaid, SSI and Waivers 2019
  9. Recursos- Medicaid, SSI y extensiones 2019
  10. Fast Fact- Appeals and How to write a letter of Medical Necessity 2019
  11. Recursos- Apelaciones y Cartas de Necesidad Medica 2019
  12. Fast Fact – School Accommodations-2019
  13. Recursos – Acomodaciones y Modificaciones para la Escuela-2019
  14. Fast Fact- FMLA 2019
  15. Recusos-FMLA en Español 2019
  16. Fast Facts- Respite 2019
  17. Recursos- Respite en Español 2019
  18. Fast Fact- Helpful hints in case of an emergency 2019
  19. Recursos para Casos de emergencia 2019
  20. Fast Facts- Financial/ Legal Resources 2019
  21. Recursos – Financieros y Legales en Español 2019
  22. Fast Facts- Genetics 2019
  23. Recursos- Genetica 2019
  24. Fast Fact- Early Intervention 2019

Contact Us

For more information contact Javi Dolif at or 303 733-3000.