Job Listings

There is an old saying, “Bloom where you’re planted.” It reminds each of us that life can take root and spring forth from many and varied places and circumstances. This is the purpose and journey of CBR YouthConnect. We help boys, girls and families grow and emerge from difficult life situations into hopeful and productive citizens.

Imagine. Just imagine a world in which healthy and emotionally secure children and youth play, interact, share thoughts and ideas, enjoy their diversity and find peaceful ways to solve their differences. Imagine families that are healthy and able to support these children and promote their well being.

Join our incredible team!

Job Listings – Metro Denver:

     Community Voices Program Coordinator: Community Voices Program

     Bi-Lingual Counselor/Social Worker: Preventative Aftercare Program

     Home-Based Counselor/Social Worker: Preventative Aftercare Program

     Community-Based Mentor: Specialized Mentoring Program

     Home and Community-Based Visitation Supervisor: Visitation Program