About Us

We work in the Colorado community to inspire and connect at-risk youth

About CBR YouthConnect

Our mission is to provide troubled youth with the means to become hopeful and productive citizens. To achieve this mission we serve, help, assist, and inspire.

We serve children and families in crisis referred by county child welfare departments, courts and youth corrections.

We help hard-to-reach youth from troubled homes, alternative schools, diversion programs and treatment centers with histories of school drop-out, homelessness, teen pregnancy, delinquency and mental health.

We assist all youth, parents and families manage the stresses, confusion, and trends in our society.

We inspire kids and families to make strong connections and create their own paths.


Samaritan Institute-Colorado Ethics in Business Award for Non-Profits

Two time recipient of the El Pomar Outstanding Youth Organization Award

Numerous features on NBC Nightly news, Animal Planet and Discovery Channel


To date, we’ve worked with over 15,000 families in 17 counties throughout Colorado. We partner with over 25 organizations at 18 locations in the Denver metro and statewide.

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Our Legacy

We’ve been serving Colorado for over 50 years. Learn more about our Legacy. 

Our Programs

We have multiple programs that serve youth in Colorado. Learn about our programs here.

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