Could Therapy Dogs be the Answer for Colorado’s At-Risk Youth?

This is custom heading element Ben's Story 12-year old Ben* has rotated through four different therapists, each one failing to make a lasting connection or alter his life. Before giving up hope, Ben was introduced to Sully, a three-year old, German Shepherd mix and therapy dog who loves tug of war, long walks, and plenty [...]


It was the second foster home for 2 kids age 7 and 10. It was the second foster home in a year for Shauna, 7, and Robert, 10. Our home-based services were requested by county child welfare because of concerns about parental neglect and abandonment. Dad was in jail. Mom was overwhelmed and emotionally distraught. [...]


His biological parents abandoned him and he lost hope. As a 16 year old, Derek has been in residential treatment programs and dropped out of school. His biological parents abandoned him and he lost hope. Derek began attending GOAL Academy, a new type of school combining on-line education, an academic coach and the support of [...]

CONNECTING YOUTH WITH Values , Ethics & Purpose

For the Past Five Months, Jake, Age 15 was homeless. For the past 5 months, Jake, age 15, was homeless, sleeping wherever he could find a bed: sometimes with a friend, sometimes at a shelter, sometimes on the street. “My parents yelled and fought all the time. I just wanted to get out of the [...]


Gina, Age 13 was terrified of dogs for a horrible reason At the beginning of the Pawsitive Connection course at the treatment center, Gina, age 13, was nervous and afraid of being around dogs. She had been victimized by a cruel parent that used an angry dog to keep her from disclosing his abuse of [...]

Programs With An Impact!

The Loss and Return of a Mother Helps Two Girls Feel Secure and Thrive Amy and Cassy (11 and 6) and grandma were scared, their lives in turmoil since mom’s arrest and removal from the home. We provided in-home support and structure, therapy and school coordination to the children, grandma and mom who has successfully [...]

CBR YouthConnect Receives Grant to expand youth character development programming

CBR YouthConnect announced today that it has received a $50,000 Daniels Fund grant to support its innovative youth character development program: MY STORY – ITS ALL ABOUT MY CHARACTER! For over 56 years, CBR Youth Connect has provided troubled youth with the means to become hopeful and productive citizens.  The Daniels Fund grant will enable CBRYC to […]