CONNECTING YOUTH WITH Values , Ethics & Purpose

For the Past Five
Months, Jake, Age
15 was homeless.

For the past 5 months, Jake, age 15, was homeless, sleeping wherever he could find a bed: sometimes with a friend, sometimes at a shelter, sometimes on the street. “My parents yelled and fought all the time. I just wanted to get out of the house and on my own,” he told our staff member. Feeling hopeless, he stopped going to school. That’s when child welfare got involved and asked for our help. The parents accepted our counseling. They decided to save their marriage and started to focus on helping Jake. Together we helped Jake get re-settled in school. We found a tutor to help him get to grade level. He thrived in our STORY program. Today, the family is together and Jake is no longer at risk of dropping out!

CONNECTING YOUTH WITH Values,Ethics & Purpose

Today’s youth are confronted with the unique challenge of developing values and ethics in the face of negative influences from technology, social media and entertainment. We are committed to inspiring and equipping youth and parents to establish positive personal principles to guide their lives.


This program is tailored to parents, adults and community groups. Participants explore how to understand and help today’s youth. They reflect on what they want to stand for, what kind of person they want to be and how to help youth “stand up in a knock down world.” The course applies “Code of the West” principles from Cowboy Ethics, by Jim Owen, and information from The Hero Within, published by the Colorado Boys Ranch Foundation


STORY is a course that provides youth with the opportunity to reflect on their personal story and the stories of those around them. Youth learn to discover and express their story through creative projects using iPad programs for music, art, journaling, story boarding and movies. Here, students also learn about the ten principals of the “Code of the West.” The program is provided in partnership with Cherry Creek School District, Denver Public School District, Denver Juvenile Diversion, GOAL Academy and Community Reach Center. We are also integrating this approach into our Home-Based Care.