Programs With An Impact!

The Loss and Return of a Mother Helps Two Girls Feel Secure and Thrive

Amy and Cassy (11 and 6) and grandma were scared, their lives in turmoil since mom’s arrest and removal from the home. We provided in-home support and structure, therapy and school coordination to the children, grandma and mom who has successfully returned home and is going to college. The family is again stable. The girls are having sleep overs with their friends!

A Family in Chaos is Transformed Into Stability

Josh (4) and Penny (2) and their parents were referred to our Preventative Aftercare program by county child welfare due to child endangerment, dependency and neglect. Here’s the story – mom requested emergency services after finding Penny unresponsive and bluish colored in her crib. A febrile seizure had occurred. The emergency medical staff found the home to be “horrendous with urine and feces stains” plus a “broken play pen, cigarette smoke, stains and dirty dishes”. The county then requested our help. We immediately addressed the unsanitary condition of the home, began teaching basic parenting skills and coordinated various support services. Six months later the parents are both working and the home is clean. Josh and Penny are in good daycare settings.

Programs With An Impact!

Our Home and Family programs (Preventative Aftercare and Supervised Visitation) are top rated. We have served over 600 boys and girls plus their families in 17 Colorado counties. Families in crisis are referred to us by county child welfare departments, courts and youth corrections.

We are called when abuse, neglect, family conflict, trauma and losses are occurring with a youth and family. We help youth and families safely stay together by offering structure, support and counseling within the family, school and community. Through our Preventative Aftercare program, Family Service Providers are available 24 hours in the event of a crisis. They meet regularly in homes with youth, parents and the entire family. We help them understand and improve their life situation. Even though it is a difficult task, we are very successful! We are also asked to provide a safe environment for children to spend time and interact with the parent(s) through Supervised Visitation. Often, the parent(s) feel overwhelmed or do not have the understanding or skills to effectively parent their child. Our Family Service Provider observes, teaches and safely preserves the parent-child relationship. Here are a few of the many success stories and personal accomplishments occurring each and every day in our Home and Family programs: