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We help Colorado’s at-risk youth

form unbreakable connections

to family, school, values, and nature

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We believe that

helping Colorado’s youth

creates a brighter future

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CBR YouthConnect is committed to offering exceptional in-home and community-based services that inspire and support children, youth and parents to keep families together for better, stronger, more connected lives.


We are committed to improving the high school graduation rate for troubled youth who are at a higher risk of dropping out. We currently have two initiatives underway that will serve hundreds of students.


We are committed to inspiring and equipping youth and parents to establish positive personal principles to guide their lives.


We involve animals in teaching lessons about life and personal responsibility and teach nature skills to children, youth and families.

Who is CBR YouthConnect?

The Early Years

CBR YouthConnect has been helping youth and families in Colorado since 1959. In the early days, we were known as “Colorado Boys Ranch Foundation,” a 501 (c) (3) non profit with a campus in La Junta, Colorado. Boys and girls would come to the ranch to learn about value, ethics, animals, natural, and personal responsibility. When they left, they felt connected to those around them and empowered to make meaningful changes in their life. The Colorado Boys Ranch was the foundation for success.


Due to shifting needs and funding, the Colorado Boys Ranch was sold in 2014 and re-branded as CBR YouthConnect. And while our location has changed, our mission has not. Today, you can find us working directly in homes, at schools, and out in the community to provide the same value, ethics, and personal responsibility we’ve been providing for over 50 years.

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If you’re a health professional in Colorado and are in need of services and programs for struggling kids and families, call us directly for more information. Or, learn about our four distinct programs. 

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